Do you want to lead a less rushed
and more calm home-life? 
Have you ever wondered how a fast-paced, over-stimulated lifestyle could be shaping your little one's development?
Join Dr. Seeley for an online
Slow Parenting
group workshop!  
Often parents believe that 'busier is better' however, when it comes to child development, forming childhood memories and shaping our little ones brains - it can be quite the opposite!  
Workshop topics will cover the following: 
  ~ What is slow parenting.
~ What are the benefits of slow parenting for my children. 
~the science behind the practice
~ the 3 main pillars for implementing slow parenting into your parenting lifestyle
 ~ reflection questions to identify your "parenting lifestyle goals"

~group support as you create and work through your slow parenting challenges!
~video access to interviews with experts on the topics
~new product announcements and giveaways! 
~24/7 access to all video content! 

+ much more! 

it's not about moving at a slow  pace, it's about moving at the right pace 

                                                            Click the link below to join! 

                              "Slow Parenting with Dr Seeley's" private facebook group.   
**please note this group is not devoted to sleep support for your little one. If you require sleep support specifically feel free to check out my support packages or email me directly to set up a free 15 minute phone chat!