​​​Newborn Sleep Workshop​​​​
Online Workshop with Dr Corrine Seeley  

Did you know that educating new and expecting parents is linked to better sleepers by 6 months?

Start your little one on off early!  Join sleep specialist Dr. Corrine Seeley to educate yourself, “fill your sleep tool box”, and give yourself confidence establishing healthy sleep across the first year.   

​This workshop includes 3 modules and 120 minutes of
video instruction, slides + 3 extra videos:

Module 1:  From Womb to World (Newborn Sleep) (50 minutes)
Sleep in utero 
The newborn system
Newborn sleep needs
Avoiding day/night confusion
Top tricks to settle a fussy newborn
​Forming realistic expectations
Module 2:  Help! Changes are Happening…..
(Newborn to Infancy) (60 minutes)
The truth about sleep regressions
Developmental sleep changes from newborn to infancy
Getting to know your child’s tired cues
Establishing routine – when, how and why
The power of naps
Access to my “sleep chart of averages”
Module 3: Independent Sleep and Building Your Sleep Story (50 minutes) 
When can I expect longer stretches?
The “self-soothing” brain and how it develops
Sleep props and transition tools
Gentle tips for encouraging independence early
Gradual techniques vs. cry-it-out: what the research says
Building your own sleep story
Bonus Videos (90 minutes):
Sleep During Pregnancy: 10 tips to improve sleep during pregnancy 
Sleep Safety Basics: Reducing SIDS risk, product safety & swaddling
Finding your new normal: Six tips to stay rested with a newborn

        **course enrollment comes with one free email to Dr Seeley after you have completed the workshop ***
                                    (can be used at any point during the 0-3 month newborn stage)

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what parents are saying....

"Dr. Seeley's sleep workshop was one of the most valuable activities I participated in as a new mom. It was a total game changer in the way my baby sleeps. My husband and took the workshop when our baby was 12 weeks old. Up until that point we were following a melting pot of approaches and advice .... with only moderate success in helping our baby have regular and restful sleep. The workshop shared extremely valuable, simple to implement tips. After only a few days our baby became a champion sleeper and continues to enjoy good restful sleep."

                                                                                                                                                                          Jeanelle, mother

"I just wanted to let you know - this is the first sleep resource I've had that doesn't make me feel like an idiot-jerk-who'sdoingitallwrong-andpermanentlyscrewingup-mom. So thank-you!  The videos are well done and interesting, I like hearing about the science of sleep.

                                                                                                                                                                          Dawn, mother

"Before taking this workshop, I didn’t know much about infant sleep - only that my daughter didn’t seem to be having much of it! Her days and nights were completely flipped, and she was irritable, fussy, and impossible to lay down at night until. Not only did it provide me with much-needed education around infant sleep, it provided valued tips for future success. My two-month old made incredible progress! Her nights and days are sorted out, and she’s sleeping better than ever. Thanks Dr. Seeley!!"

                                                                                                                                                                 Mom of Andi, two months 
"Dr. Seeley helped bring our house back from insanity! She gave us an assortment of ​tools to help our little one (and us) rest well and we will be forever grateful! We now have a champion sleeper and continue to enjoy good restful sleep."
                                                                                                                                                                  Laura, mother 

  "My husband and I took Dr. Seeley‘s workshop when our daughter was three months old. The workshop was extremely  informative and really helped set a good foundation for establishing healthy sleep routines and patterns. Our daughter now sleeps great both during naps and throughout the night. We highly recommend Dr. Seeley’s workshop!" 

                                                                                                                                                                        Jodi, mother​​​​
The Story Behind the Workshop....
This workshop has been over 12 years in the making and is a collaboration of my many years as a researcher and course instructor in academia, hours spent running in-person workshops and work supporting families one-on-one with their little ones sleep.

 I could not be more proud of the content and am excited to offer it to parents. It is a workshop that is much needed in the area of infant sleep and will hopefully help families build a healthy sleep lifestyle for many years to come. 

“I whole heartedly believe that
sleep education is one of the best things we can do for our family, and that having a rested home in the first year of life is the key to enjoying motherhood .”
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Dr. Corrine Seeley 

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