Dr. Corrine Seeley
  Sleep Neuroscience

  1. Managing Director
 Dr. Corrine Seeley obtained her Ph.D. in sleep Neuroscience from Queens University, specializing in the role of sleep in brain development and working as a researcher and university instructor. She has published many research articles in well-respected, peer-reviewed journals and has given many public and university level lectures on the topic.  After 10 years in academia and after I had a son I quickly realized two things. First, how important sleep was for my son, and for me as a mom! Sleep became the foundation to which we lived our lives and the foundation that helped my son grow, be happy, and me to be the best mom I could be.   My son was not a magical 'unicorn' sleeper and as a parent I became passionate about taking an active role in guiding him towards great sleep while being realistic, gradual, and gentle in my approaches. The second thing I noticed was how little (good) sleep education there were for families!  I was blown away by how many opinions and uncited books and blogs there were written on the topic, and how many parents felt overwhelmed on the topic of sleep.  It was after this realization that I decided to leave academia and devote my career to making sleep education more widespread and accessible to parents and to use my background to give others educated and realisitic support. 

My sleep philosophy focuses on providing parents with sleep education, tools and knowledge to help guide their child toward getting the sleep they need to grow, develop and be healthy, happy children.  I firmly believe that parents have a responsibility to educate themselves about sleep and to take an active approach in creating a healthy sleep lifestyle for their children.