Newborn Sleep Workshop
                             with Dr Seeley  (online)

Start your little one on off early!  Join sleep specialist Dr. Corrine Seeley to educate yourself, “fill your sleep tool box”, and give yourself confidence establishing healthy sleep across the first year.   

Did you know that educating new and expecting parents
is linked to better sleepers by 6 months?


                                              { Coming this Spring! }

In this workshop you get 120 minutes + 3 bonus videos divided into 3 modules that you can view any time and at your own pace. 
Topics covered include:

Module 1:  From Womb to World
sleep in utero 
the Newborn System

newborn Sleep Needs
avoiding Day/Night Confusion
top tricks to settle a fussy newborn
​forming realistic expectations
Module 2:  Help! Changes are Happening…..
the truth about sleep regressions
developmental sleep changes from newborn to infancy
getting to know your child’s tired cues
establishing routine – when, how and why
the power of naps
access to my “sleep chart of averages”
Module 3: Independent Sleep and Building Your Sleep Story  
when can I expect longer stretches?
the “self-soothing” brain and how it develops
using sleep props and transition tools
gentle tips for encouraging independence early
gradual techniques vs. cry-it-out: what the research says
building your own sleep story
Bonus Videos Include:
Sleep During Pregnancy
Sleep Safety
Finding your new normal!

Cost: $35 

{ Coming this Spring! }


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